Before, During and After Interview

12 December 2021 / By mate

You have your job interview scheduled – congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare.
You never get a second chance to make a great first impression during your interview, so having a well-prepared plan is vitally important to increase your chances of landing that dream job. By preparing, you can be confident in your ability to answer any questions. Doing so well will enable you to highlight how your skills, knowledge and experience make you the best person for the role.

So let’s start with some tips before the interview:
– Research the industry and company
Researching the company before an interview will give you an insight into the organisation’s future goals and plans and being able to discuss these points will make you seem like a long-term investment to your future employer. Using the company’s website, social media posts and recent press releases will provide a solid understanding of the company’s goals and how your background makes you a great fit
– Review the job description
be sure to align your competencies with the skills required for the job. You will consequently ready yourself for questions around your previous experiences, performing similar duties in other organisations. Think about examples from your past and current work that align with these requirements.
– What to wear on an interview?
First impressions count and being able to dress to impress will go a long way to help secure your dream job. There is one rule that stands above all: Dress professionally. Wear business attire appropriate for the role, while still making sure you feel comfortable.
– Plan your schedule
Map out your route to the interview location so you can be sure you arrive on time, or better yet, at least 15 minutes early.

After you’ve spent time preparing, it’s time for some tips during the interview:
– Make a great first impression and Speak the right body language
Dress appropriately, make eye contact, give a firm handshake, have good posture and speak clearly. Display confident body language and a smile throughout.
– Win them over with your authenticity and positivity
Showing positivity with a smile and upbeat body language can help keep the interview light and constructive and being genuine during interview conversations can help employers easily relate to you. Do not speak negatively about your previous employers. If you’re feeling discouraged about your current job, focus on talking about what you’ve gained from that experience and what you want to do next.
– Keep your answers concise and focused
Your time with each interviewer is limited so be mindful of rambling. Practicing your answers beforehand can help keep you focused.
– Don’t be afraid of asking questions
In seeking a job, it’s important to remember that an interview isn’t just an opportunity for the employer to find out if you are a suitable candidate – the interview works both ways. You can prepare questions so you can demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are interested and proactive. If you bring good interview questions for managers to the table, you’ll find out quickly if the job is the right match for you.

And in the end some tips after the interview:
– Ask about next steps
After your interview, it is appropriate to ask either your interviewer about what you should expect next.
– Interview thank you email
You’ve completed the interview – Congratulations! You’re feeling confident that you made a good impression. However, the interview process isn’t over yet. An interview follow up is an important part of the process, and it might just seal the deal. Remember it is not enough just to be interested in a job, you must show that you are interested.

We, at MateHR, wish you good luck!